What Could Have Happened To The Lord???

Between the ephemeral gates of heaven and hell, stood the lord so profoundly lost in his ways that he almost forgot there were people going the both ways. His ways of course were so very natural that the people going the other way found it an imperative urn of ridicule for the lord was stark naked! The judge appeared before the culprit so naive that the culprit had nothing but a deep and profound reverence for his disability. His disability of fathoming.

One of the many who was waiting to be judged by the lord picked up the guts to ask him, “Lord, why is it that your physical body is left uncovered and so natural? It seems to us so uncivilized.” To which the lord answered, ” It is not me that has created you from what already existed. Its just that I added in you the very things that make up a human. It was a mere failure of my greater experimentation. That experimentation makes me a culprit too and I stand in the middle of the paths to the heaven and the hell for the heaven would be incomplete without me and also the hell. During my tenure of what you people call me as your ‘GOD’ I have a huge reverence for you people. I never ventured to think of what lay beyond me. I was self centered and I did things I shouldn’t have done. It seems to me I have imbalanced the world with my experimentation never to return to its original state.”

“You could have at least re-built it”, said the man to which the lord replied, ” A failure however compromised is a failure indeed. An entity has to at least learn to live with failures and also some errors are meant to occur.”

The lord saying this turned to the culprits with a huge board that read ‘TO THE PEOPLE: CHOOSE YOUR WAY WHILE I CHOOSE MINE’


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